Recurring Decimals

Recurring decimals are decimal representations that repeat one or more digits forever after the comma. In recurring decimal notations, a dash is placed on repeating numbers to show that that number is recurred.

E.g; 0.333333… is expressed as $0,\overline{3}$ to show that the number 0.33333… rolls over the number 3.

$0,333\ldots =0,\overline{3}$


$1,242424\ldots =1,\overline{24}$

$4,455555\ldots =4,4\overline{5}$

$6,9787878\ldots =6,9\overline{78}$

Recurring decimal numbers can be written in rational number form with the following formula.

$\dfrac{Entire Number – Non-Transfer Part}{“9” up to the number of recurring decimals on the Right Side of the Comma and “0” up to the number of non-recurring decimals}$






You can find the fractional equivalents of decimals with the decimal fraction calculator below.

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

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